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Bike Servicing

We like to make sure your riding experience is as smooth as possible, so every new bikes purchased from The Bicycle Entrepreneur come with one complimentary free tune-up service.
The free service is to be taken within the first three months from the date of pruchase, and is important to make sure your bike is setup and running correctly, ensuring a long lifetime of happy riding!
To claim your free service, please contact your local TBE store so that we can book your bike in for a date that suits you. You will be required to leave your bike with us in the morning, and usually you will be able to collect it later that day. All services must be booked in and upon the day of the booking your bike should be bought into store in the morning to ensure the service gets carried out during the day. Our staff will contact you once the service has been completed.

If you believe your bike requires some work or if you are unsure about the current condition of your bike please visit your local TBE store or contact them to arrange a booking. Depending on what your bicycle requires and to what degree it requires servicing your bike will either be serviced in store or at our dedicated service centre, this is determined by either our staff or store mechanic. Either way your bicycle will be serviced by a fully qualified repair mechanic. Bookings are essential as our workshops can get very busy depending on the time of year. For example, if you are participiting in a bike event or race (i.e. Freeway Bike Ride, Cape to Cape, Dwellingup 100...), plan ahead and please ensure you bring your bike into us at your earliest convenience.

TBE carries out all types of bicycle servicing and repairs. We have the largest and most professional workshop in Perth. Our huge service centre is located independently from our retail stores. All major services and repairs are carried out at our specialist service centre which is dedicated to repairing your bicycle. This means we have access to more parts and our bicycle technicians are fully focused on your bike without distractions. All our bicycle technicians are trained mechanics, or are undergoing training with supervision from a nationally recognised training group. This ensures all repairs are completed to the highest level.
Our specialist service centre can handle all major servicing. We have expertise in all forms of riding, including racing. We are specialists in disc brake replacement and upgrades, wheel building, carbon frames repair, suspension servicing and upgrades, frame swaps, and custom bike building.

At our service centre we also utilise the latest technology in bicycle mechanics such as Shimano Di2 diagnostic and tuning software for bikes with electronic gears and our customised ultrasonic cleaning tank for degreasing bicycle components.
Shimano Di2 diagnostic and tuning equipment ensures precision adjustment and upgrades on the modern bicycle.
Ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient and environmently friendly way to clean all metal surfaces without utilising harsh chemicals on you bicycle components.

When your bike comes to our service centre, TBE collects your bike from your local TBE store at no charge. Once we have assessed and quoted your bike, we will contact you with these details. On completion, your bike is returned to the store ready for your collection. All this ensures your bike is returned to you on time, completed professional and most importantly on budget.
We use the latest sms notification technology to keep your up to date at all the stages of the process, ensuring efficiency and saving you time.

Below is a list of the primary services we carry out on bicycles. We do however offer individual repairs which are specific to a particular area of the bike.
Individual repair prices are subject to labour and parts. No job is too big or small for us so please contact us and ask our friendly staff for more information.

Service Brochure
Service Brochure
Service Brochure
Service Brochure

Our bike care chart can help to give you an idea as to when and what kind of attention your bike may need.
Please call or come in to see us if you think your bicycle requires servicing.

Check tyre pressure and inflate to the recommended PSI located on tyres. Clean and inspect bike by wiping down bike with soapy water if dirty. Look out for signs of wear such as cracks in the frame. Clean and wax frame to protect paint. Inspect bike for cracks or damage in frame or fork. Check all bearing systems, hubs, bottom bracket, headset and pedals. Adjust or overhaul headset as needed
Check tyre tread for wear and debris such as glass or thorns which could cause a flat tyre at some stage. Check that spokes on wheels are not loose and that no spokes are missing off the wheels. Check and replace tires if needed. Check spares kit to ensure all repair equipment is present and in working order. Check all cables and housings for fraying, breaks, rust and corrosion and replace if necessary.
Check that the quick releases on wheels are tight and that the wheels are secure in the bike frame. Wipe down chain and cassette with a clean dry rag and/or with a friendly degreaser and relubricate components. Check hubs, bottom bracket, headset, adjust and/or overhaul as needed. Check for worn brake pads and replace if needed.
Spin wheels to identify any buckles in the wheel. This may indicate your wheel needs to be trued. Test the tightness of crank arms, pedals, chainring bolts, seat bolt, seatpost bolt, stem bolts and all accessory mount screws. Check all cables and housings for fraying, breaks, rust and corrosion and replace if necessary. Clean and inspect wheels for worn sidewalls or cracks.
Squeeze front and rear brakes to ensure they are engaging well and check the brake pads are in good condition. Brakes should be grabbing hold of the rim of the wheel not the tyre. Lubricate brakes, derailleurs and clipless pedal pivot points. Also lubricate all cables to stop binding and check for cable fraying and rusting. Replace if necessary. Check for worn brake pads and replace if needed. Inspect hubs, bottom bracket, headset and adjust or overhaul if needed.
Check chain for lubrication. Apply specific bicycle lube if chain appears dry. Wipe down with clean dry rag first. Check clipless pedals and cleats for loose screws and bolts and tighten if necessary. Check for chain, cassette and chainring wear and replace or clean. Clean rear and front derailleurs as well. Overhaul pedals to check bearings and add new grease if required.
Ensure you have a spare tube, pump and tools on every ride to assist any issues that you may encounter on a ride. Maintain and lubricate suspension components according to the owner’s manual. Maintain and lubricate suspension components according to the owner’s manual. Maintain and lubricate suspension components according to the owner’s manual.